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This is an all original Indian Motorcycle from a Belgian caroussel used at fairs , built by the famous company Lenaerts. There's a book about the guy , he's famous. In fact , his creations were so good , people used to steal 'em off the caroussel's at night ! I've seen a " restored " example that does'nt even look close to this , even wondering if it's a replica , that they were asking $6k for. I have a picture i can send you if needed ; I'm not just making this up .
Here 's an original one with all the patina you could hope for , with working lights ( 220 v. but you can change the bulb ) and all the bells and whistles , that I can let you have for only $6500 !!
Don't forget , they're only original once !
A must have for an avid Indian collector !   SOLD !! THANK YOU , MIKE !!
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classic cars for sale
classic cars for sale